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History of Atlas Industries

World leading manufacturer of precision machined products since 1943.

1943 – Theodore E. Clark founded Atlas Industries, Inc., and started a small machine shop in Woodville, Ohio. He began operations with five employees and manufactured various types of crankshafts, as well as, other precision machined parts for the U.S. Government to assist in the war effort.

Atlas Woodville Ohio Plant


1971 – Atlas acquired a site in Fremont, Ohio which was used for warehousing until 1973 when it was expanded into a machining facility. The Fremont Plant has since been expanded on four occasions, the most recent of which took place in 2006 with a 58,000 square foot addition. This addition facilitated our growth into new markets for the machining of very large crankshafts. This plant now covers 138,000 square feet on a 32 acre site.

1986 – Atlas opened another machining plant in Tiffin, Ohio to facilitate new customer growth. This step increased the total manufacturing and warehousing capacity of the company by 260,000 square feet on a 23 acre site. The Tiffin facility also became the new home for Atlas’ Machine Tools Division (MTD), which was relocated from the Gibsonburg Plant in 1986. This Division designs, retrofits, and rebuilds drilling, milling, turning, and grinding equipment.

Atlas Industries Sign