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Crankshafts Produced by Atlas Industries

Atlas Industries, Inc. manufactures crankshafts for a wide variety of product uses.

Crankshafts produced by Atlas can be found in air braking systems, air compressors, fluid pumps, gasoline engines, oil & gas compressors, as well as, marine engines and refrigeration compressors.

At Atlas, we take pride in our extensive knowledge and experience in high quality crankshaft machining. This experience has allowed us to become experts in a variety of processes, which greatly enhances our capabilities.

Some examples would include milling & drilling methods, some of the most advanced CNC machining operations in turning, finish grinding, and crankpin milling, as well as, induction hardening & plasma nitriding for heat treatment. Atlas has also incorporated some of the latest superfinishing & micropolishing methods to ensure the highest quality product and customer satisfaction.

Engine CrankshaftsFluid Pump Crankshafts

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