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Compressor Crankshafts

Compressor Crankshafts by Atlas Industries

Atlas manufactures crankshafts for use in air brake systems, air conditioning, air compressor, reciprocating gas and refrigeration compressors.

Air Brake CrankshaftsAir Brake System Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts for customers that supply commercial vehicle, and locomotive air braking systems. Atlas has the capability to produce short-run batches to high volume production. 
Air Conditioning CrankshaftsAir Conditioning Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts, including scroll crankshafts for a variety of world leading Original Equipment Manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment. Applications include both residential & commercial uses. Atlas maintains the flexibility our customers need for both short-run and production volume requirements.

Air Compressor CrankshaftsAir Compressor Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts for reciprocating air compressors. These crankshafts can be found in a variety of applications ranging from small residential to larger sized commercial applications. 
Gas Compressor CrankshaftsReciprocating Gas Compressor Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts for reciprocating gas compressors. Atlas has the capability to produce crankshafts up to an overall length of 120” (3,000 mm), 23” (580 mm) in diameter, 34” (860 mm) in swing, and 10,000 lbs. (4,500kg) in weight. Atlas produces a variety of smaller sized crankshafts for additional gas compressor applications. Atlas provides complete in-house Non Destructive Testing.   

Refrigeration CrankshaftsRefrigeration Compressor Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts for refrigeration compressors. These products can be found in retail, commercial, and transport refrigeration applications. Atlas maintains the flexibility of a manufacturing process that allows for short and production run quantities.

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