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Engine Crankshafts

Engine Crankshafts Produced by Atlas Industries

Atlas produces crankshafts for automotive, diesel, marine and small gas/utility engines.

Automotive CrankshaftsAutomotive Engine Crankshafts
Atlas produces crankshafts for automotive engines, and maintains the
capability for prototype, short production run, and service volume quantities.
Diesel Engine CrankshaftsDiesel Engine Crankshafts
Atlas maintains the capability to produce crankshafts for smaller-sized diesel engines. Atlas can machine short-run, prototype, and service volume production requirements, or up to medium volume runs.

Maine CrankshaftMarine Engine Crankshafts
Atlas possesses extensive knowledge and experience in producing marine engine crankshafts. We produce two-throw to larger-sized V6 crankshafts, with medium to high volume capability.
Small Engine CrankshaftsSmall Gas & Utility Engine Crankshafts
Atlas machines crankshafts for a variety of small gasoline engine applications such as lawn & garden, power generation, motorcycle and recreational markets. Atlas maintains the capability to produce production volume level requirements to short-run order quantities.  

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